Audio Production Facility

Peter acted as a Staff Designer on this project with The Downtown Group/Downtown Designworks Architecture (DDA).

Tonic (formerly known as Cool Beans) asked DDA to design a new home in their raw space. The client’s objective: a space with cutting-edge acoustic resources that exudes the playful creativity they promise clients. A structural theme of deep concrete beams radiates throughout the facility.  From there, a high-energy improvisation takes over, with bursts of angled and folded walls and accents of lighting. All systems (heating, ventilation, studio electronics) are precisely arranged to facilitate the hip, improvisational flow. The experience culminates with three state-of-the-art audio suites of sound locks, control rooms, and voice booths. The facility functions as high performance architecture; an entire floor works as one unit and invites staffers and clients to contribute their own creative riff.

22 West 130th Street #3, New York, NY 10037

Tel.: 347-688-2724