A beautiful townhouse garden brought indoors by opening up the rear of the building.

  • Townhouse Garden I
  • Rear Facade BEFORE
  • Townhouse Garden II
  • Garden BEFORE
  • Townhouse Garden Birds-Eye
  • Dining Room BEFORE
  • Dining Room I
  • Dining Room II
  • Kitchen I
  • Kitchen II
  • Iron Deck & Planters
  • Stairs to Garden
  • Master Bedroom BEFORE
  • Master Bedroom I
  • Master Bedroom II
  • Master Bedroom III
  • Townhouse Garden III

The Owners of this Landmarked Harlem Townhouse approached Bespoke Architecture to help them alter their building to allow them to indulge their love of gardening and to truly make the most of that rare Manhattan luxury – green space. The primary tasks in this were to upgrade a dark and awkward Master Suite, improve the connection of both the Master Suite and Kitchen/Dining area to the rear townhouse garden, and design a new rear yard fence for the garden to create a lush haven intimately connected with their home.

Bespoke Architecture opened up almost the entire exterior wall at the garden level and installed Passive House grade wood and glass tilt/turn doors to blur the line between interior and exterior spaces. The problematic chimney foundation in the Master Bedroom was integrated into the space with the addition of custom millwork that tied together the uneven eastern edge of the room.

At the Parlor Floor level, we expanded the window openings to the floor level and inserted more Passive House grade doors that open directly onto a new iron deck with stairs that lead directly into the lush garden space. The design of the deck railing includes integrated planter box hangers that further serve to bring the outdoors in.

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