Apartment Combination of three studio apartments into one loft-like two bedroom, West Village Apartment.

  • Apartment Combination - Dining Area
  • Apartment Combination - Living Room
  • Apartment Combination - Foyer
  • Apartment Combination - Bedroom
  • Apartment Combination - Den
  • Apartment Combination - Office
  • Apartment Combination - Kitchen

The owner came to us for help with her apartment combination – itself a combination of two small studios – with the adjacent studio next door which she had just acquired.

We tied the spaces together seamlessly to create one unified whole with no clues to the previous arrangement.  In the process, we created an additional bedroom, a new and updated full bath, a new hall closet, additional kitchen storage, and a new sitting area/foyer at the relocated entry which allowed a more elegant entry to the apartment over the previous entry through the kitchen. Exposed brick, landmark approved windows, and industrial details help craft a unique home that is greater than the sum of its parts, and truly reflects the desires of the Owner.

22 West 130th Street #3, New York, NY 10037

Tel.: 347-688-2724