Multimedia Marketing Company

Peter acted as a Staff Designer on this project with The Downtown Group/Downtown Designworks Architecture (DDA).

Blue Bottle, a new startup multimedia company at the height of the dotcom boom, brought in DDA to create their corporate offices.  The space they acquired was a  tired, traditional landscape of cubicles and offices – not conducive to the company’s open, interdisciplinary working style.

The main goal was to remove the maze-like divisions of the existing layout and open up the plan to a variety of functional and exciting workspaces. Programmatically, the plan is a flexible workspace with more controlled volumes/ rooms floating within the continuous space. Visually more light penetrates the floor plan with careful consideration of shading spaces adjacent to windows. Inserting a few new rooms, paint colors, and finishes will create unique nodes of gathering and give character to the open plan.

22 West 130th Street #3, New York, NY 10037

Tel.: 347-688-2724